Monday, January 31, 2005

Border Security

On Friday I mentioned John Fund's book, Stealing Elections. Today he has a column at that discusses illegal immigration. Fund posits "....border security is now inextricably tied up in the public's mind with homeland security." I'm a big fan of George W. Bush and what he has accomplished as president, but illegal immigration is an area where he needs to have a backbone and take the proper steps to ensure the nation's safety.

Illegal immigration is a complex issue. On one hand, many workers in search of a better life come here to work. The argument that they do the work many American's simply won't do is probably true. M3C reader William blames our welfare system for being too effective of a "safety net." This, in turn, means low-end wage earners no longer have to find work to feed themselves and families. Enter foreign workers who are willing to work for those available "lower" wages. But there is also an undeniable drain on resources because of illegal immigration (cities, schools, hospitals, prisons, and even the welfare system all have increased costs due to ilegal immigrants).

I have a real problem with illegal immigration on principle. "Illegal" is a word that should have meaning and stigma. I fear if we allow illegal immigration, then we start down a slippery slope of allowing other illegal acts. More importantly, with the free flow of illegal immigrants (from either Canada or Mexico), a huge gap in our nation's security can easily be exploited by terrorists. The government's first job is to provide for the security of our nation. Ignoring security gaps at our borders is unacceptable.

I don't know which measures are going to be most effective in securing our borders. More border patrol agents, an Israel-style wall, guest worker programs, and using the military to patrol the borders are all options. The idea of a national I.D. card sounds appealing to me, as it can also help with the election fraud issue I discussed last week. but doing nothing is not acceptable.

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