Thursday, January 27, 2005

One Week Down.....

Though hard to believe, My Three Cents has been around for a week now. I have learned quite a few lessons already. First off, thanks to all (I know there aren’t many of you) who have stopped by. I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken precious time out of your day to “pay me a visit.” Special thanks to those who have sent supportive e-mails, they are all read and cherished.

As for some of the lessons learned, I’d say #1 is to be very careful in saving posts before trying to publish them. I have wasted several hours composing, and then retyping posts that somehow disappeared into the blog ether. From now on (at least for long posts) I will compose everything in MS Word, then copy-and-paste for publishing to the blog, thus saving a copy should other e-disasters occur. And given my utter lack of techno-skills, future e-disasters are inevitable. Like another terrorist attack on our country, not “if” but “when.”

The most frustrating part of having to re-do a post is that it can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to remember exactly how things were worded the first time around. Like I said, I’m still learning. Oh well, come back soon to see (God willing) my future post on Election Fraud. It’s out there somewhere already, but I have no idea where. And believe me, it was a strong effort!

Lesson #2 is to remain vigilant in pursuing the news, then post as quickly as possible. Several times I have pulled back in posting thoughts just because it seems like “old news” by the time I get around to it. I may be wrong, because if a reader hasn’t seen it, then it wouldn’t be old news to them, right? So those can be tough decisions also. There are more lessons, but maybe for another day. So before I go completely mental, I need to reconstruct some stuff….
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