Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Why I started this blog....

I'm still learning this whole blogging thing, but oh well. Here goes:

Check out what Hugh Hewitt said this morning about blogging, and you begin to understand why I wanted to start my own blog. Hugh says, "MSM is as slow as a glacier compared to the blogosphere when it comes to delivering content." I have been struck with the same thought several times in the past few weeks. As I take the dog for a walk, I pass the newspaper vending machines and see headlines like, "Tsunami Death Toll Reaches 60,000."

My immediate thought was, "Wow, I just read online how the death toll was over 100,000." The newspapers left in the rack are already obsolete by the time you pay for it! The guy next to you on the subway is reading a paper that is irrelevant before the ink is dry.

I watch cable TV news and listen to them report on scandals like the U.N. "Oil for Food" Program. A feeling of deja vu sets in since I have seen (usually days or sometimes weeks prior) the same information in the blogosphere.

I have no idea where this blog will take me. I am a bit of a news-junkie, and I'm also interested in the outdoors, music, college football, backgammon and other cultural phenomena. At some point I will touch on all these topics. Perhaps it will attract others with similar interests. Maybe someone will laugh every now and then by something I write. Hopefully, it will keep me plugged in to our world and I will continue to learn.

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