Friday, February 04, 2005

Blog Ethics

As the blogosphere continues its rise and becomes more influential, MSM will no doubt be confronted with the ethical question of whether or not to cite blogs that originally raise issues (and provide hyperlinks to these blogs). Patrick Ruffini makes this point today (hat tip, Instapundit). Online newspaper editions should provide links, and print editions (along with TV and radio broadcasts) should also cite their sources.

I only mention this today because there already have been calls for 'policing the blogosphere' by some mainstreamers (notably Bill O'Reilly). As I said yesterday, full disclosure is the answer. Free markets are brutally efficient. If bloggers start following the CBS or CNN models (as some surely will), let the information consumers sort it out.

And today is Friday, which means the self-proclaimed CEO, chairman of the board, and spiritual leader of the vast right wing conspiracy has a new column out. Not sure, but WaPo may require some sort of registration to read it (which is free, and lame).

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