Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Class Acts

Recently I sent out some e-mails to various bloggers and I couldn't be more thrilled with the responses I received. Without divulging classified information that might compromise anyone's safety (or future troop movements of the vast right wing conspiracy), just know that John Hinderaker of PowerLine, Hugh Hewitt, and Wes Roth have all been extremely polite and generous with their time in answering dopey newbie questions. They all have excellent blogs and successful careers, and I know their time is valuable. But the responses I received from all three were not only timely, but also very helpful, kind, and quite encouraging for this new blogger.

In a way, blogs can be considered a business, and to look at blogging from that perspective means that the three gentlemen I mention above are all providing a superior product in addition to excellent customer service. It goes without saying that their prices are more than fair ("free" often is). And if you do those three things, any business will be successful.

It can't be overstated how motivating those "encouraging words" can be. One thing I have noticed in the (conservative) blogosphere is how prevalent the "team" attitude is. Many bloggers are simply searching for the truth. And some want to get others more involved in politics and media. Those were some of my goals in starting My Three Cents, and to hear sincere wishes from some heavyweights means a lot to us lightweights.
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