Thursday, February 17, 2005

Class I Senate Races

This blog is starting to take on a life of its own. I still have an unfinished piece on Syria coming up (probably will post it tomorrow, he says with fingers crossed). And (not counting this "Class I" project) that's the last time I will promise future posts, because it makes me feel like I've painted myself into a corner.

It's raining again in So. California, so the dogs are stuck inside, getting more hyper with every hour they aren't outside getting exercise. Work is crazy right now. I'm juggling new projects all over the place and today I found out that I will need to give a court case deposition sometime within the next few weeks. I haven't even had time to check out Lileks all week! The horror! And none of this whining takes into account future blogworthy news events to which I might want to add My Three Cents.

Deep breath.

Yesterday I gave a brief overview on the 2006 Senate races. Here is the list of "Class I" senators that will be either retiring or running for re-election. Each name is linked to their biographical information. You can also link to this list here if you prefer. My plan (as it stands today) is to discuss each senator over the next months until I examine all 33. At this point, some prospective opponents are known, we will speculate for the others. Some races probably won't be competitive, (think red state/blue state) and I expect to spend less time on those.

Akaka, Daniel
Bingaman, Jeff
Byrd, Robert
Cantwell, Maria
Carper, Thomas
Clinton, Hillary
Conrad, Kent
Corzine, Jon
Dayton, Mark
Feinstein, Dianne
Kennedy, Edward
Kohl, Herb
Lieberman, Joseph
Nelson, Ben
Nelson, Bill
Sarbanes, Paul
Stabenow, Debbie

Allen, George
Burns, Conrad
Chafee, Lincoln
DeWine, Mike
Ensign, John
Frist, Bill
Hatch, Orrin
Hutchison, Kay
Kyl, Jon
Lott, Trent
Lugar, Richard
Santorum, Rick
Snowe, Olympia
Talent, James
Thomas, Craig

Jeffords, James
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