Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, a new week. Today is Valentine's Day, the lamest of all holidays for the modern day American male. Period. To paraphrase a really good doctor, I hate Valentine's Day and all that it stands for. It's a manufactured holiday, a puppet to the evil string-pulling of Big Candy and Big Greeting Card.

In all fairness, Mrs. Three Cent is no valentinazi, perched high on her throne awaiting the annual delivery of tree sap from her serf. Yet I pledge annually. Because I love her. Oh yeah, and because they talk. They all talk. It's my contention that good spouses do little things for their loved ones throughout the year, at unexpected times. Thus, V-Day is rendered obsolete. Yet such brilliant logic is often lost on her gossipy friends.

Funny, but that's how government works too. You make your weekly contributions all year long, yet on April 15th, Uncle Sam wants just a little more. Oh well, the flowers were delivered. I'm safe for now.
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