Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Indecision Kills

The Belmont Club's analysis of the Iraqi insurgency is another blogosphere triumph over mainstream media. It is a must read (as is Mark Steyn's piece). The side-by-side comparison of Wretchard's "War Plan Orange" post shows that bloggers have just as much credibility as "journalists." And note that it was published a full three months before the Newsweek article. An often overlooked point:

"One of the key things the Newsweek article misses but which War Plan Orange
emphasizes was the role played by the delay caused by seeking permission from
the United Nations to topple Saddam. It is a factor given far too little
emphasis in retrospective analysis, although it did not escape Mark Steyn, who
wrote this Iraq is going to be just fine....What made the 'insurgency' possible was the gift of time."

Had all the doom-and-gloom-antiwar-liberal-and-media-hand-wringers not wasted so much time pressing for "more diplomacy" at the U.N. Security Council, then the insurgency we are facing right now may not have had a chance to get off the ground. And maybe, just maybe, fewer of our brave troops would have been killed as the insurgency simmered. (Tragically, our decision not to crush the terrorists in Fallujah last April probably also meant more coalition troop fatalities).

Please don't misunderstand, I am not advocating senseless, indiscriminate warfare. But at some point, you have to make a decision and go with it. President Bush is generally good at making tough decisions (Fallujah exception noted above). But there is a significant percentage of the U.S. population that will never support any war for any reason. Unfortunately, much of Europe shares this view, along with all the United States' enemies at the U.N. (and let's not forget anti-war John Kerry, who ups the ante by taking the word "indecision" to unprecedented new heights).

It is this fundamental inability to make swift, tough decisions that ends up creating (or at least worsening) the very situation the diplomats and peaceniks are ostensibly trying to avoid. As a child, my parents taught me that a problem does not often go away if you ignore it. Why can't many of our friends on the left also figure that out?

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