Thursday, February 24, 2005

Keepin' it Real

Peggy Noonan has another great piece at this morning. She covers a few different topics, and one is Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations. Noonan writes:

Hillary. Forget her prepared speeches, put aside her moderate statements on Iraq and abortion. This is how you know she's running for president in 2008. Ten days ago a reporter interviewed her in the halls of the Senate (another kind of
cloister) and asked if she planned to run for president. She did not say, "I'm too busy serving the people of New York to think about the future." She did not say, "Oh, I already have a heckuva lot on my plate." She said, "I have more than I can say grace over right now."

I have more than I can say grace over right now. What a wonderfully premeditated ad lib for the Age of Red State Dominance. I suggested a few weeks ago that Mrs. Clinton was about to get very, very religious. But her words came across as pious and smarmy, like Tammy Faye with a law degree. Maybe she still thinks in stereotypes; maybe she thinks that's what little Christian ladies talk like while they stay home baking cookies. Whatever, it was almost as good as her saying, "I'm running, is this not obvious to even the slowest of you?"

This week we were treated to some secretly taped phone conversations between George W. Bush and an old friend, Doug Wead, recorded over the two year period before Bush was chosen as the Republican nominee in 2000. (Wead is now having second thoughts about having released those tapes, but that is a separate discussion for another day).

My point in bringing this up is that I see a profound difference between George W. Bush and either Clinton, Bill or Hillary. Let's deal with Hillary since she is currently an elected official, will probably run for president in 2008, and is the subject of Peggy Noonan's quote above.

President Bush, love him or hate him, is the same person on those tapes as the guy we see on TV giving interviews or speeches, making campaign appearances, stumbling over big words or fielding questions from reporters. One gets the sense that in sitting down with him for a beer (or diet cola) he would be no different. My friend Kenny might say, "G-Dub keeps it real."

Maybe I'm just a cynic when it comes to Bubba (eight years of garbage like this tend to make one cynical) but one does not get the sense, ever, that we would see anything different from Hillary. Do we know anything about who Hillary really is? Other than power, what does she like? And would a Hillary administration have as many scandals as her husband's? If her senate campaign is any indicator, then it surely will.

Noonan is correct, using a phrase like, "I have more than I can say grace over right now" is a clear indicator that Hillary will make a presidential run. But more importantly, it foreshadows that Hillary's modus operandi will be exactly like her husband's. Spin. Saying and doing anything to get elected is all that matters to them. Spin. Power is all that matters to the Clintons. And spin. Performance, results, doing the right thing (and most importantly, defending the nation) isn't even on the radar screen. Remember, spin spin spin. These are dangerous times, and we need leaders that put the country first, not themselves.
Well said. Just yesterday I was thinking about how Hillary is going over board in trying to seem moderate. Her trip to Iraq is a good example. The media will help in any way to get Hillary elected because they are interested in the same things as Hillary.....more government. Lest we forget Hillary tried to nationalize 1/7 of the U.S. economy. If anyone thinks that is still a good idea they should go to the DMV or post office. Talk about lines!

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