Friday, February 18, 2005

More Kyoto Madness

I just saw this article linked on Little Green Footballs. What a fantastic story. I know it's politically incorrect to encourage violence, but I think I'm going out today to buy a lot of oil. Long live British petrol traders! also has a piece today on how we really need to study the science behind claims of global warming before making costly (and ineffective) changes to our economy and society. Claims of global warming are hardly proven beyond a reasonable doubt, yet people with poor scientific educations (as most Americans with public educations are) don't have the skills to analyze flawed scientific claims.
As a follow-up to my mention of Robert F. Kennedy and his Kyoto rantings I thought someone might find this bio of him interesting.

I'm disturbed that GW is presented as a polarized issue. Either we are supposed to think it is false, and live our lives without change (do nothing), or we are supposed to believe it is true, and spend the oft-quoted "trillions."

It strikes me that if it is true, then we can spend whatever we want, whatever we think makes sense.

There isn't "a plan" on GW mitigation. There are, instead, a bunch of things we could think about (and talk about).

The const-benefit analysis should be on each of those little things (like should televisions get energy stickers in the stores, just like refrigerators?) rather than on some preconcieved bundle of all preconcieved costs.

Lumping it all into "trillions" or reducing it all to "do nothign" just doesn't make sense.
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