Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More Thoughts on Voter Fraud

Captain Ed has uncovered more on the 2004 Wisconsin voter fraud issue from last November's presidential election. I have to laugh every time I hear Democrats whine about this issue. They were so quick to accuse Republicans of fraud in 2000 with the Florida fiasco. And this time around it was supposedly Ohio (funny how Republicans only target the one state each election which they need to go over the top, they're sooooooo sneaky).

Remember in 2000, Gore won New Mexico by 366 votes (about half what Bush won Florida with). And there were allegations of voter fraud on some Indian reservations, which are traditionally heavily Democratic. Yet there was no recount, and no contested results by the Bush campaign (perhaps because New Mexico is only worth 5 electoral votes it was considered pointless to contest a result that wouldn't affect the outcome).

Remember Florida 2000, Gore only wanted to recount traditionally Democratic counties, rather than an all-or-nothing approach. Thankfully the Supreme Court would have none of that garbage. Also, all the major networks called Florida for Gore first, before the polls even closed in Florida (the panhandle is in the Central Time Zone, which means polls there close and hour behind the rest of the state). This was probably an honest mistake by the networks, but it's estimated it cost Bush at least 15,000 votes and definitely compounded the confusion on that night.

In 2002, John Thune(R) lost his senate bid to Tim Johnson(D) in South Dakota under even more suspect circumstances, a result not contested by Thune. Thune showed class in 2000, then came back to dethrone Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in the last election, so in my opinion it's all good. Karmically at least, Thune made the right decision. John Fund has an excellent recap of this race in his book, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.

And by now everyone should be aware of the shenanigans in Washington State and the governor's race detailed here. By the way, if fraud could affect a close governor's race in Washington, why wouldn't it also help determine the presidential race as well?

Do I need to go all the way back to 1960 and Kennedy's win over Nixon? All credible historians acknowledge that election was rife with Democratic vote fraud both in Chicago and Texas. Also, Wisconsin's problems don't appear limited to 2004, if the Captain's Quarters post is accurate.

The bottom line is that Democrats have a long, storied history of rigging elections in this country. Therefore, I believe it is easier for them to assume the other side is cheating when elections are close (and sometimes elections are very close). Our elections system is broken. Distrust is high on both sides, and the only people who are truly disenfranchised are those of us who cast legal votes.

Election fraud is a problem in this country and seems to be getting worse. Why not? Murphy's law predicts this. Election fraud will not get better until the electorate begins to do its job. The electorate's job is far more than just voting. It's job is being informed, involved and vocal. The electorate needs help from an independent press to uncover and expose these elction fraud shenanigans to all who are interested. Ah, there is the problem, not too many citizens are interested and the press is overwhelmingly liberal, socialist, and votes Democrat by a 4 to 1 margin.

Doubt what I say about disinterested voters? Ever watch Leno when he interviews the guy on the street and the guy or gal doesn't even know who the V.P. is? Sad. Very sad.

But, these problems go deeper than those discussed above. The education system does not teach history or government well. The teachers also are overwhelmingly Democrat and uninformed.
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