Saturday, February 19, 2005

One Month Surprise!

My Three Cents has been in business for exactly one month. In my daily hunt for news, this morning I went to and got a very nice surprise. Wes has (for some reason well beyond my level of comprehension) added My Three Cents to his blogroll. Check it out before Wes comes to his senses and realizes the mistake!

As far as I can tell, Wes Roth is the first blog/website/news aggregator to link this blog. Look for M3C in the middle column entitled 'Blog Archives'. It's an alphabetical list, so at present I'm right below Mudville Gazette. And don't forget to add Wes' site to your favorites list! We support those that support us so pound daily and red line his traffic meter. Thanks again Wes!
Finding news, reliable news, online is dicey. is a good source for hundreds of newspapers and periodicles from the world. Keep blogging!!!
Congratulations! Keep up the excellent writing.

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