Friday, February 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

It's the end of the week and I'm on the way home from a cold but successful business trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm in Denver and waiting for the next flight back to L.A. so I have a few minutes to kill here in United's Red Carpet Lounge. Side note: I am a huge fan of the RCL experience, as many business travelers will no doubt appreciate. Users pay for it, but it is worth it on those days where weather delays or flight cancellations occur. Also, I'm currently connected through a T-Mobile hotspot (which costs $20 per month if you have T-Mobile as your cellular provider). Hotspots are local, high speed, wireless internet networks. Staying connected is a breeze these days, even for a technoschmuck like me. They're popping up everywhere, like coffee shops, book stores, hotels and airports.

I'm in the middle of reading Hugh Hewitt's latest book, Blog, something I probably should have purchased before starting My Three Cents. There are many reviews out there already, so linking to Hugh's site will undoubtedly uncover many. I should be able to finish it by the time I get home this afternoon, but I don't expect to review it other than to say I have already picked up a few good tips. It's a quick read, and cheap too, I think I paid $13.99 through Amazon.

My Three Cents has been fun these past few weeks. It is hardly groundbreaking, but I have learned a lot already. Keeping a blog has given me "the bug" to teach myself more about today's technology and the flow of information, all with the added bonus of (hopefully) improving my writing skills.

I am, however, constantly thinking of ways to improve this blog. I will probably start with a new name and URL, but no promises as to when that might happen. I'm brainstorming ideas constantly, which for me, often is no more than a light mist. I am also exploring ways to increase traffic, and that's where you all come in. At present, I'm averaging around 10 visits per day. That's pathetically low by any standard. Quite humbling, really.

I want to continue blogging about those things that interest me, so it may end up that I never rise above that traffic level. It's easy to lose perspective in such a fast-paced world. As a new blogger with zero name recognition or "street-cred," I'm probably already getting more traffic than I deserve. But I am also eager to bring in new readers, so I plan to discuss some other interests from time to time just to mix things up. Also, I really get a kick out of learning new things, and hope you all do to. So sometimes I will pass along things that are previously unknown to me, with the hope that I'll build trust and slowly traffic will increase.

Anyway, I'm jazzed just by being involved in a (relatively) new medium. The blogosphere has given everyone a voice. If you have something to say, start a blog of your own. It's very easy, and free. E-mail me if you have questions or need help (my e-mail address is above the blog rolls). Off to L.A.
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