Sunday, February 13, 2005

Rise of the Blogs

I tripped over this short blurb at regarding our new medium (scroll down to "Capital Blogs"):

Convinced that Internet weblogs, or blogs, helped defeat Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and out Dan Rather's bad reporting on President Bush 's National Guard duty, House and Senate Republicans are scrambling to put them on their government Web pages. "Senators want them even though they don't know what they are," says a strategist helping several GOP senators develop the chat and news pages.

This is a good idea. Not just for politicians, but also for any business, organization, etc. who want to get information out quickly and "unfiltered" by media elites. The trend of blogging will continue it's rapid growth and the next natural step is for organizations and businesses to get on board. In his book BLOG, Hugh Hewitt urges any firm looking for a competitive advantage to take up the practice of blogging.
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