Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Robots & Dog Shows

Today was a light news day, plus things were busy with work and at the Liebhaus. Thus no morning blogging. Though traffic to My Three Cents is not exactly heavy, I'm buoyed by those friends who express dismay when they don't have a fresh blog to read in the morning. Keep those e-mails, instant messages and comments coming!

New puppy Gus has been sick since last week, but today, finally, he got his appetite back and seems like his old self ("old" is a relative term, given that we've only had him three weeks). His recovery is especially good news in the olfactory sense, as Gus' illness had us strongly considering a name change for the little guy to something like "Gas." Enough said. Of course, improving health didn't stop him from playing the sympathy card and demanding that we watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (after his homework was done, of course). We were all pulling for Carlee, the German shorthaired pointer, to win. Gus' mother, Ninna, is a pointer so Carlee was the sentimental favorite for us tonight.

As for pertinent news, one interesting article also in the NY Times dealt with our new robot army. Nice to see our military finally catching up with the democratic party. Sorry guys, couldn't resist.
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