Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sleep With One Eye Open, Mrs. Eastwood

I didn't bother to live blog the Academy Awards tonight, I left that to the professionals. And I missed a major portion of it, by choice, to take my little girl for a long run. It was much needed exercise (for the both of us) after all the freaking rain and I'd like to think it allowed me to decompress enough to tolerate the last hour of the celebrity circle jerk, I mean, awards show.

Only one thought: Clint Eastwood brought his 96 year old mother to the Academy Awards. Does anyone see this as even mildly amusing given the subject matter of Million Dollar Baby? I must admit, Mrs. Eastwood looked remarkable for her age. But if you were in her shoes, wouldn't you be even the slightest bit nervous? Hmm.....

UPDATE: Captain's Quarters also live blogged the Academy Awards. I must respectfully disagree with him on the Salma comment, though.
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