Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sports Follies

Another very busy day with work, and there are some serious things going on in both Syria and Iran. I will post on them later, but today we also found out that they have formed an unholy alliance.

Less importantly, I had a few quick thoughts on the state of major sports here in our country. Today the NHL announced it is canceling the entire '04-'05 season due to the labor dispute between players and owners. Most people (me included) couldn't care less.

The NBA is a joke, with thuggery and fundamentally poor team play dominating the league's headlines. Even my beloved Lakers are no longer serious contenders due to selfish play, immature superstars, multiple internal squabbles, a revolving door in the coach's office and more drama than The Young and the Restless. Jack is still cool, but the long gone days of Magic vs. Bird are sorely missed.

Pro football is done for another 6 months, but with the New England Patriots dominating the AFC and the NFC only capable of fielding four teams with a winning record, yawn, I'm not interested.

Which brings us to Major League Baseball, awash in steroid allegations and completely unwatchable on TV. I refuse to endorse any league that would allow a team to have a name like the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim." Listen up, major league bubbleheads, you cannot be from two cities at the same time, let alone two counties. Go back to being the California Angels so we can bury you on page 10 of the sports section.

College football could not start soon enough in my view. I know, the BCS is a complete failure, but the games are so exciting I don't care. Most college kids play with such passion and energy, it's infectious. And next year, the World Cup will provide a wonderful distraction to all the problems with our American sports leagues. Oh well, I guess there's always blogging, dog shows, and backgammon.
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