Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tech Update

Looks like this will be another busy day but I'll try to get some short posts published to keep things fresh. Those paying attention may be able to find an obscure green number on the right side of my home page, near "Archives." As I write this, it reads a lowly, shameful, "17." It's in no man's land as far as its location goes, and when I learn how to actually move it someplace that makes sense I will.

This number is a site meter, which records how much traffic My Three Cents receives. Think of it as an odometer. I just installed it yesterday, so I'm sure I've missed many thousands of hits since M3C has been online for two weeks now. Yeah, that's the ticket, many hundreds of thousands of hits. Glenn Reynolds has nothing to fear. Heh.

SHAMELESS SALES PITCH: Help me out and tell a friend if you like what you've been reading. If you hate it, tell a few people that you don't like (annoying co-workers, that close-talking uncle with the toupee, a cop that pulls you over for speeding, or if you live in Los Angeles, maybe you will run into an embarrassingly bad talk-show host).

I've also made a few additions and changes to my Blogrolls. They are not all blogs, but I do recommend reading them if time allows. Over time, I will most likely add sites to this list, and depending on content, I may move them in and out of the Top 25, a la the college football ranking system (those looking for an explanation as to the methodology of my rankings will find that it closely mimics actual college football rankings, which is to say that no one can make any sense out of it whatsoever).

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading....come on, 18!

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