Thursday, February 17, 2005

What a Surprise....

The Democrats now openly favor allowing convicted felons to vote. It's been awhile since I have blogged on the issue of voter fraud, but the last line of this AP article sums up the key difference between liberals and conservatives:
"Both parties have called for changes to ensure a more accurate vote count.
Republican efforts have centered on reducing voter fraud, while Democrats have
called for making access to the ballot box easier and simpler."
How on earth could "access to the ballot box" be any easier? All you have to do is walk into any post office or any DMV to pick up a voter registration form. Fill out any name you want, then mail it in, no questions asked. Sometimes registration drives take place in front of grocery stores or at concerts. And let's not forget the vote harvesters who come to geriatric nursing homes and sign up vulnerable senior citizens. The Democrats have a rich history of getting out the felon vote already. We do not need 4 million more criminals voting, for Heaven's sake!

We also do not need a national voting holiday. Early and absentee voting already stretch the time you have to vote to nearly a month in most states, and up to three months in Maine. Think about it: if some felon, using various false names, wanted to vote every day for a month he could. That adds up to a lot of disenfranchisement.

Voter rolls have increased by more than 20% in recent years. 26 million people registered in the first five years after President Clinton signed The National Voter Registration Act in 1993. Since 1998, millions more have registered. Lax standards and ease of registering invite phantom voters and the possibility of corruption.

There is no voter turnout crisis. I have pimped John Fund's book Stealing Elections many times already. Go get it, then contact your senators and representatives and urge them to reject any proposed legislation that doesn't directly address the issue of reducing voter fraud. If you don't, then more likely it is that you will be disenfranchised in future elections. Think about it: every fraudulent vote cancels out at least one honest vote. That's a clear violation of your civil rights!
Well! It is clear the Democrats only want one thing.....Whatever is good for the Democrats not whatever is good for the country. Allowing felons to vote is good for the Democrats but not particularly good for the country. Making it easy to register to vote is good for the Democrats but not necessarily good for the country. Making it easier to vote is good for the Democrats because it gives them the chance for more shenanigans(think Richard Nixon, Chicago, JFK or the recent Washington governor's race or Bob Dornin). What would be wrong with a highly secure system that prevents all voting fraud? Well, the Democrats would be opposed to that......probably saying that certain voters(read the poor, the minorities) would be intimidated by such a system. The answer, allow anyone to vote and vote often. The dead can vote. Felons can vote. Non-citizens can vote. But, most importantly the uninformed can vote and it is those votes on which the Democrats depend. It is the uniformed who are urged to go vote by MSM empowering MSM with its overwhelmingly left wing points of view. Citizens involved with the election process do not need urging to exercise their right to vote. They learn the issues and then vote, once. Then they are disenfranchised by the felon, the man long gone, the multiple voter, and the ignorant voter(think Jay Leno interviews on the street).

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