Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bird Blogging

I'll be on a long fly-fishing weekend starting tomorrow, so no more blogging until Monday. Here's a photo of a bird I took yesterday outside my office window. I'm not exactly sure what kind of bird he is. To go with his grey chest he has blue wings that aren't visible in this shot (and this was the best photo I have of him, unfortunately). The Fuji E-550 is turning out to be a great little camera, but I suspect for serious bird photography, one needs a telephoto lens of gargantuan proportions to get really decent shots. Not gonna happen any time soon.

If you see this bird in your neighborhood, run! He's very aggressive, usually chasing all other birds from his tree. He also goes after squirrels and won't quit until they leave the area entirely. It will be interesting when the walnuts come in later this summer. The Ventura Squirrel Gangs vs. The Topanga Bird Mafia will surely wage an epic battle for street supremacy.

Aggrobird (click to enlarge) Posted by Hello
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