Thursday, March 31, 2005

Class and Grace, Schindler Style

I just watched the Schindlers give a press conference. They are good people. They are strong, classy people. Clearly, they loved Terri and I admire the fight they waged for her life. The Schindlers handled themselves with unbelievable grace throughout this entire ordeal and I grieve for them as much as Terri. This is a sad day, indeed.
glad to hear that you are actually making a difference and not just talking. I worked with brain and spinal cord injured populations for five years. It is a difficult issue that is hard to boil down to a simplistic answer. But, for my money the important thing is that if you really care, you should do.

Looks like the fishing was good. I spent two weeks on the green river a summer ago. I need to get out again here pretty soon...just working too much.
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