Thursday, March 24, 2005

Control Freak Yes, Maybe Worse

The stunning lack of compassion by Michael Schiavo and his lawyers in Terri's case absolutely amazes me. Yet the failure to use common sense in this situation is even more worrisome. It saddens me and it worries me for the direction our country is headed. How any judge can rule in the estranged husband's favor, and not consider the mountain of evidence screaming "conflict of interest" speaks volumes about our (lack of) justice system. Here's what we know:

The man abandoned his wife (he lives with another women, and has two children with her). Michael Schiavo stands to make money upon Terri's death, somewhere around a million dollars. This money was put into a trust fund after winning a court settlement in 1992. I have actually read reports that he has already spent that money, but I'm not sure yet if those reports are true.

Michael Schiavo has prevented any MRIs from being performed on Terri. He wont allow any therapy to be performed lest Terri's condition improve. He won't allow any stimulation(pictures, music, etc.) in her hospice room and he limits human contact. He won't allow cameras or video to record Terri's true condition.

Why he still maintains legal guardian status makes no sense. Why he is allowed to decide this poor woman's fate seems profoundly wrong to me. And yesterday, he prevented Terri's family from seeing her for over five hours.

I predict that upon Terri's death, he will have her cremated, then either hold those ashes forever, preventing her family from ever having access, or he'll spread the ashes in the Gulf of Mexico from his new boat, again preventing Terri's family from knowing exactly where or when he'll do that.

At the very least, Michael Schiavo is a cruel man. I'm confident of that. Time will tell if evidence of legal and law enforcement corruption helped him kill his wife.

UPDATE: Since I posted this, I have found this, which confirms Michael Schiavo's wishes to have Terri cremated immediately upon her death. Remember my prediction.
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