Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dolphin Logic

Rush just made a good point regarding Terri's plight: the next time a whale or perhaps a pod of dolphins beach themselves, should we go to extraordinary measures to save them or respect their "decision to die?" We save these animals (or attempt to) out of compassion. Their lives have value, at least to some people. If they can't be saved, they are euthanized to prevent needless suffering.

Last night a death-row inmate in Texas was granted a last minute reprieve, a mere five hours before he was supposed to die by lethal injection. It's only a reprieve, as evidence is reviewed one more time.

Yet the starvation and dehydration of Terri Schiavo continues. The cruelty on exhibit in Pinellas Park, Florida is absolutely sickening. She is helpless. She is brain damaged, not brain dead. Evidently her life has less worth than that of a dolphin or a convicted murderer.

UPDATE: 3/24/2005 @ 3:00pm PST: This Peggy Noonan essay, "In Love With Death" was at this morning. I just got around to reading it, and thought it meshed with some of what I blogged this morning. Peggy is a wonderful writer and this piece is a must-read.
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