Thursday, March 03, 2005

Elvis has Left the Building

And Tom Daschle hath left the Senate. Heh. So the Dems honor their former Senate leader by naming a building after him. Two thoughts:

1) This is another example of liberals honoring losers and elevating them to even higher positions of authority or reverence. Can a Maria Cantwell Street or Mark Dayton Blvd. be far behind?

2) This not-so-subtle signal shows that Democrats have no intention of "bridging the divide," coming together to forge "bipartisan agreement," or softening their tactics in the Senate. By honoring the guy who utterly redefined the term "obstructionism," it is clear that Democrats haven't learned a thing from Daschle's defeat. And to make that honor the renaming of the Democratic Senate campaign building is an especially delicious irony. It's a sure bet that the Dems will lose more Senate seats if they continue their obstructionist ways. To have that happen in The Senator Thomas A. Daschle Building seems a fitting way to christen the edifice.

H2 advocates a brass-knuckled approach to politics, and I couldn't agree more. It's time for the nuclear option.
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