Thursday, March 10, 2005

Euro Bashing

I've mentioned Captain's Quarters several times before and read it regularly. Captain Ed really does some good work in bringing news and analysis on many issues that just aren't covered in the MSM. Yesterday he posted an update on Europe's habit of killing babies, which is terrible news and one more reason to NOT visit France or Holland. The Groningen Protocol is a very important story, and I urge you to check out that link.

Today Captain Ed lightens up a little and has a piece about how IKEA, the furniture company, is being targeted for gender bias. Evidently their assembly manuals only feature pictures of men assembling the furniture, and this has upset some women's rights activists. Sound stupid? It is, but what's even lamer is IKEA's response to the "uproar." Read it for yourself, it's quite breathtaking.
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