Thursday, March 24, 2005

Even More Terri Schiavo Thoughts

Sorry folks, I know it must seem like I'm beating the proverbial dead horse. What an inappropriate cliche that is! I had composed some thoughts on Tuesday morning before I boarded my plane at LAX. Without an internet connection at the time, I saved them in MS Word, then forgot I had them. Here they are, however dated (and however incoherent due to the early hour I wrote them):

I am still appalled by the willingness and even the eagerness with which some people want to see this woman die. Also, the careless mentality of many observers, otherwise good people, who “don’t want to get involved” is depressing. The politicians who say (mostly Democratic politicians, that I have heard) that the government “shouldn’t intrude in private family matters” are forgetting that they do so every day with many types of intrusive legislation. Also, if (God forbid) a father has raped his pre-teen daughter, should the government not get involved in that “private family matter”? What if the child is blind/deaf/mute and isn’t “on record” as to objecting to the torture? Is it okay then? What about beating one's spouse? Are we going to redefine that as a private matter?

Although doctors (many, in fact) have determined that there was no hope for Terri’s recovery, her death was never imminent. Now that she is starving, and being forcibly dehydrated, her death is imminent.

Michael Schiavo has said (I heard this audio tape early Tuesday morning on the Bill Bennett radio show, around 4:20am) that Terri’s brain is mush, and that she can feel no pain. I think he’s trying to say that the barbaric method of starving and dehydrating her won’t make her suffer. But I ask, if she feels no pain, then what is the harm in letting her live? If she isn’t capable of feeling pain, then she wasn’t suffering before the feeding tube was removed. And if she can’t feel pain, then why is she getting painkillers during the starvation process? Why not try to rehabilitate her? Why not let her family care for her? Where is the harm in any of that?
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