Saturday, March 19, 2005

Help Terri Schiavo

The case of Terri Schiavo is an absolute tragedy, in my view. I'm not going to make excuses why I haven't blogged this issue before, suffice it to say that I was overly optimistic for a happy ending and clearly made an error (I'll flog myself later). Anyone not familiar with Terri's plight should go here for some background and updates. I'm not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but:

If Michael Schiavo is convinced that his (former) wife "would not want to live this way," has anyone asked if he thinks Terri would want to die by starvation?

Peggy Noonan displayed her usual brilliance yesterday. And also check out OKIE on the Lam for updates. The only ideas I have to help save Terri's life are:
  1. Please keep Terri in your prayers.
  2. Contact you Senators and Congressmen. Call them. Write e-mails. Pressure them.
  3. Contact your friends and relatives. Ask them to also do these simple things.
I have sent e-mails to my representatives; they are posted below. Anyone who wants to copy-and-paste them in order to save time is welcome to do so.
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