Thursday, March 03, 2005

Identities Withheld to Protect the Innocent

Blogging has been light lately, because I've been watching a lot of backgammon on TV. ESPN Classic has been running the epic online backgammon series between "Eggplant" and the "Soundclown." In a thrilling series of 5 point matches, "Eggplant" has won 11 of the last 12 matches over "Soundclown." In yet another example of liberal moral victories, "Soundclown" clings to the lamest of arguments.

The "Soundclown" is winless in the last 6 matches played, and has won a total of one match in the last 12. Yet he keeps throwing up the lone instance of glory where he won a rare (and embarrassing) 3 point backgammon. "Eggplant" acknowledged "Soundclown's" fine play in that one game (despite winning 3 points in the game, "Soundclown" still managed to fritter away the match, losing 5-4).

The analogy here is the baseball team who wins the World Series but gives up a grand slam home run. They won, that's what matters most. Another analogy would be Michael Jordan, back in the day, scoring 50 points in losing effort. Nice, but who cares. Given the choice, MJ would've taken a win instead. See yesterday's Let Them Have Their Moral Victories post to understand the context, it's about winning.
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