Monday, March 07, 2005

L.A. Marathon XX

Here's a picture of Gayle aka Mrs. M3C right after she finished her first Marathon yesterday. She finished in 6:27:57. Gayle trained for many months leading up to the marathon and I'm very proud of her for persevering and completing her goal. It was a beautiful day yesterday, which has been a rare thing in L.A. in recent months, but it made for pretty good running weather. (In my own bit of post-marathon euphoria, I apparently had the new camera in the wrong mode, thus the excessive brightness. Sorry).

Gayle' Post Marathon Euphoria Posted by Hello

UPDATE: Mrs. M3C has decided she will do the marathon again next year, we may even make it a family affair. And here's a photo of the finish line area on the corner of 3rd and Flower Streets.

Finish Line Posted by Hello
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