Thursday, March 03, 2005

Larry Sabato Peeks into the Crystal Ball Again

Last Sunday I linked an interesting, completely speculative piece by Larry Sabato on who the Democrats might nominate for president in 2008. And those paying attention know I've been pretty tough on the Dems lately. Don't worry, there's more M3C scourging on the way for our liberal friends, and soon.

But in the interest of adhering to all tenets of the fairness doctrine, today I link Professor Sabato's crystal ball analysis for who the Republicans might put up in 2008. It's not all good news for conservatives, either. There is much work to do, and holding the party together will be crucial to future electoral success.

As poorly as the Democrats are performing lately, there is a lot of time for them to turn things around. Catastrophic events (or major Republican blunders) can change the political landscape overnight. Remember, it's all speculation at this point.
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