Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Left Wing is Soft

I applaud the effort to get liberal talk radio off the ground. However, Air America will ultimately fail for two reasons. 1) It is thoroughly unentertaining. 2) Air America suppresses dissent, by not airing callers that hold conservative points of view (this may contribute to #1, by the way). The Air Americans, however, can do what they want with their network. I will simply mock them until they cease to exist.

What's more interesting, are several incidents these past few days that have reinforced the irrefutable fact that many of our friends on the Left are soft. Today, The Drudge Report linked two stories of note. Last night, a liberal protestor threw a pie into Bill Kristol's face while he gave a speech at Earlham College in Indiana.

Also last night, sharp-witted Ann Coulter was heckled while she gave a speech at Kansas University. Several of the protestors were removed. Ann was assaulted with a pie last October in Arizona, as many may recall.

Last week another story surfaced, though at the time I didn't see the point in commenting on it. I guess a (admittedly entrepreneurial) liberal softie has invented a "Fox blocker" which is a cable filter that prevents the Fox News channel from sullying your 65" plasma idiot box.

I've blogged many times on all the hate we see coming from the Left's "fever swamp." Heck, Howard Dean has said how he "Hates Republicans and everything they stand for." He's the head of the DNC, so the fact that his followers are also haters shouldn't be a surprise. Want a taste of some real venom? Go check out (warning: DU language is revolting and the moonbat quotient is high).

Similarly, recall all the people who threatened to move to Canada after G-Dub was re-elected in November? "Sob, sob, we don't like the results of the election, so instead of rolling up our sleeves and working harder next time around, we're moving to Canada. Oh yeah, and they have free healthcare up there too. What do you mean they club seals? No way! We should organize a protest!"

And let's not forget about the British protestors that got their asses kicked by petroleum traders last month. That's the response we need here that would, um, "discourage" future hecklers and protestors.

The list of feckless left-wing protests is very long indeed, but one point that needs to be made is: the eagerness to suppress any mention of conservative ideas suggests both a lack of confidence and a lack of intelligence by those doing the suppressing. Have our liberal friends given up any hope of actually winning an argument? Are they intellectually out of gas? Do they cling to such weak arguments that they now only attempt to shut down conservative speech, rather than compete for the hearts and minds of reasonable Americans?

Not coincidentally, political dissidents are jailed, tortured, and killed in many countries around the world. Such countries as Cuba, China, and formerly in Iraq, the Soviet Union, many other communist regimes and fascist dictatorships, all dissent is regularly crushed. I won't equate running over someone with a tank to throwing a pie into their face, but the idea is to suppress the ideas of opponents.

Similarly, we see the mainstream media and our colleges and universities almost monolithically liberal. There's no room for dissent on the college campi (as Coulter and Kristol found out) just as there is (Fox exception noted) rarely a conservative point of view on TV or in major print news. I believe that it is precisely this coddling and nurturing of liberal thought that results in their softitude when it comes to making sound, logical arguments. Not surprisingly, the childlike reaction of "I hate you!" is quick to the liberal's tongue when things don't go as planned.

What a sad world it would be if we always hated those that disagreed with us. I know that I would have very few friends indeed if I hated all my liberal acquaintances. And I can't imagine how depressing it must be to go through life without challenging one's self intellectually. It would be like eating a boiled, boneless, skinless, gray, tasteless chicken breast every day. Or more accurately, every meal. What a delicious irony it is that today's American liberals, who came into existence challenging "the status quo" can no longer tolerate it now that the tables have turned.
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