Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Let Them Have Their Moral Victories

I've posted several times in recent weeks on the demise of the Democratic Party. It's my view that they are in serious trouble on the national political scene for a number of different reasons. Please don't misunderstand. Though I'm fascinated by the recent dearth of Democratic success, I'm not terribly upset by it. They're a long way from being completely irrelevant, but any objective person would agree that momentum certainly isn't on the Democrats' side.

The country is moving subtly to the right, in my view due mainly to security concerns and the Global War on Terror. Yet the Dems are moving sharply to the left, as groups like exert more and more control over the party. Today Drudge linked a Rolling Stone article entitled The Online Insurgency. This piece gives a little insight to who exactly is behind (emphasis mine):

Moveon is guided by a tiny, tightknit group of leaders. There are only ten of them, still deeply committed to the Internet start-up ethos of working out of their homes and apartments in better-dead-than-red bastions such as Berkeley, California, Manhattan and Washington, D.C. For a political organization that likes to rail against "the consulting class of professional election losers," MoveOn seems remarkably unconcerned about its own win-loss record. Talk to the group's leadership and you won't hear much about the agony of defeat. Wes Boyd -- the software entrepreneur who used his fortune from creating the Flying Toaster screen saver to co-found MoveOn -- blithely acknowledges the need to produce some electoral wins "in the classical sense." But he sees the rise of MoveOn's progressive populism as a moral victory in and of itself.

The last line is a great example of why is just like Howard Dean and Air America. All three get heaps of praise from the fawning liberal elites in the MSM. But all three have absolutely nothing to show for the millions of dollars they have raised and spent in the name of La Causa.

Howard Dean raised over forty million dollars and managed to win a grand total of one state primary. Vermont handed the good doctor his only victory three weeks after he dropped out of the presidential race.

Michelle Malkin posted some sick statistics on Air America's ratings this morning. Check out her time stamp too--dang girl, when do you sleep? Air America's anemic ratings exemplify either a rejection of their message or a rejection of the messengers (and anyone who, uh, has, uh, heard Al Franken will, uh, no doubt, uh, choose the, uh, latter). So Air America raised a bunch of money and they continue on the air, but for how much longer, God only knows. Like Howard Dean and, they exemplify the Democrat model perfectly: raise a lot of money, and then produce nothing.

I guess what fascinates me is why any of this is acceptable to liberals. There is no virtue in losing. If I was an Air America investor, I'd be thoroughly pissed. Perhaps I'm under the false assumption that Air America's investors actually wanted to see a return on their investment. Maybe MoveOn's donors only care about throwing their money down a hole, rather than actually getting their candidates elected. If so, I apologize and ask that if they enjoy throwing money away, send it to me instead.

My inner conspiracy theorist wonders if the group is more concerned about making lots of money for themselves rather than actually producing results. Perhaps they plan on milking as much as they can from the legions of angry liberal dupes. After all, if Republicans keep winning elections, then the Left will get angrier and more shrill. This raw emotion, as many businessmen know all too well, is an excellent way to sell goods (or raise money). Perhaps, less cynically, MoveOn just isn't "hungry" enough.
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