Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Life Worth Living

Real Clear Politics linked a wonderful and powerful commentary this morning. It is Whose Life is Worth Living?, written by Orson Scott Card. Read it all, people. Read it twice, in fact.

Here are a few random thoughts I've been collecting over the past few days, totally unrelated to Card's essay:

Wouldn't it be nice if Sean Penn had got as upset about what was done to Terri Schiavo as he did when a few harmless jokes were made about Jude Law at the Academy Awards? What if we told him that there were paparazzi in her hospice?

And what if some paparazzi, rather than sneaking into some gated compound to get pictures of a pregnant Britney Spears, snuck into Terri's hospice and took photos that showed the world her true condition, rather than whatever information Michael Schiavo chooses to release?

The following two thoughts aren't mine, I heard them on talk radio this past week:

"Schiavo" means "slave" in Italian.

What about the irony of Terri's family, the Schindlers, being unable to free their daughter, in a free country no less, from a needless death sentence? Compare that to Oskar Schindler, the German business magnate (of Schindler's List fame) who saved more than a thousand Jews from the gas chambers in WWII Germany, the world's most notorious fascist regime.
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