Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Yesterday seemed like a really busy day and I forgot to update the Blog of the Week feature. So today I've moved Real Clear Politics into the spotlight. They've been on the board for awhile, and are really an aggregator for news and political articles. You will find 10-15 links covering each day's news, and usually there are articles covering the entire political spectrum. There's something there for everyone.

I first became aware of Real Clear Politics last summer. They did a lot of great work on the presidential campaign, especially tracking the unbelievable number of state presidential polls. Given our current electoral system, it makes a lot more sense to follow the polls in a state-by-state manner rather than looking at the daily national polls offered up by the networks, Gallup, Zogby, Rasmussen, et al. But with a dozen or more polls covering 50 states, with many of them updated every few days, one can see quite quickly what a big job that is. Since the election RCP has morphed a little, and I'm confident all y'all will find it very efficient in looking for links to current events and political commentary.
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