Monday, March 21, 2005


Miscellaneous Monday morning pre-work ruminations:

First of all, let's call it the "freedom press". We all go through phases in life and after a six month hiatus I'm back to using this for my morning coffee. Plain and simple: it makes great coffee. Much better than the drip models, in fact. It's a little bit more work, and sort of like being back in 7th grade chemistry class. In other words, ratios matter. Water temperature matters. Bean quality definitely matters! And the proper grind is critical. Caffeine lovers unite! Throw off the shackles of tasteless, lukewarm sludge!

I cleaned the window in my office yesterday (inside and out) along with the screen. This was quite the chore (2nd story window), and long overdue. If I can get some pictures of the birds this afternoon I will try to post some. The birds have been plentiful lately (maybe because of all the rains?), many with some really spectacular colors. Anyway, my camera may not get any good shots (it's nice but it isn't uberpowerladen). I'll do what I can, but I suspect the 4x optical zoom will be pushed to it's absolute limit. Then maybe one of you can tell me what the heck I'm looking at, since I don't know much about bird species.

Expect light blogging the next few days. I'm traveling to the midwest tomorrow and will try to post thoughts from the hotel or airport lounges, if possible. Again, I'll do what I can.

And finally, Blog o' the Week has been updated and Victor Davis Hanson is in the house. Vic's writing is brilliant. His website is more a collection of essays than a hastily written blog, but he's definitely worth your valuable time. Victor Davis Hanson is smart and has a very impressive resume. So if you have the time to check out my mindless blather, you owe it to yourself to see what's going on in his little corner of the blogosphere.
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