Tuesday, March 01, 2005

M3C Open Backgammon Challenge

As some of you may know, I have many hobbies with which to waste time. One of them is playing backgammon. Today I'm issuing a backgammon challenge to any and all comers. If you like to play backgammon and would like to take "The Mighty Eggplant" down a notch or two, here are the ground rules:

1) Match length: 7 points.
2) Use of doubling cube is encouraged.
3) Crawford Rule in effect.
4) If you do not know what the Crawford Rule and doubling cube are, play someone else.
5) Good sportsmanship is mandatory. This means be on time, be polite, and no quitters!
6) Matches can be long, so don't start one unless you have the time to finish it (at least an hour).
7) I will create a permanent link (on the M3C home page) and list anyone's name who wins a 7 point match against me, including the score. This link will remain for as long as I maintain this blog and losers names will be redacted unless I'm otherwise instructed. I'm not going to create this link until a challenge match is played, however.
8) Quitters names will go onto the shameful "Do not Play" list. Get the picture? I hate quitters (but I love everyone else)!
9) In order to play online, you will first need to an MSN passport or zone.com ID. These are free and easy to establish, so I won't bore you with how to do it.

Normally, I play both open tournaments and my friends online at MSN's Zone.com, because it's free-of-charge and usually hassle-free. I know there are many other places to play online, but I just haven't bothered to check them out.

If you are interested in testing your backgammon skills, send me an e-mail to liebegot@pacbell.net and put "M3C BACKGAMMON CHALLENGE" in the subject line. I will respond as soon as possible in order to answer questions or set up a match.
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