Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Main Title and First Victim"

Blogging has been especially light the past few days, sorry for the laziness. Work is still very busy, no end in sight. Also, the in-laws just departed this morning after using the M3C mothership as a base of operations for their week-long west-coast intel-gathering ops. A good time was had by all, but two misbehaving dogs, a one year-old baby, and a house that feels this big make for a potent stress recipe. The tri-tip was good though. Damn good. Ditto the cannoli.

I'm working on a few blog drafts, however it's quite possible none of them will make the final publishing cut. So I withhold leaking topics in case they don't pan out. Nothing too mind boggling, so everyone REMAIN CALM. In other news, I'm busy filling out brackets.

And I'm also really enjoying the iPod. I have imbibed generously from the Kool-Aid pitcher (mmmmm, dyed sugar water) and my head is already shaved, so the last things to pick up will be the purple shroud and a roll of quarters. Only then will I be a full-fledged iPod cult member. In all seriousness, the ability to purchase one song on the internet for $.99 is genius, and my most recent purchases have all been soundtrack music. It's going to be a long process to put together an entire CD, but slowly, an eclectic list is coming together. I'm really trying to put together a good musical compilation, even if the movies are crap or the musical styles vary widely (they do). E-mail song or musical score suggestions to liebegot@pacbell.net.
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