Monday, March 21, 2005

More Terri Schiavo Thoughts

Today (and over the weekend) the MSM was charging across the airwaves with their typical herd mentality. They are now applying moral relativism to the Terri Schiavo case, saying things like "starvation is the best way to die. It's compassionate, dignified and painless." Nonsense.

Rush had a good point this morning: if starving and dehydration is such a good way to die, then why have we sent so much money and humanitarian aid to Africa and countries where famines occur? Where were all these expert doctors and healthcare workers that could have saved us billions of dollars?

Look, I honestly don't know the true details of Terri Schiavo's situation. There is a lot of emotion on both sides of the case. There is a lot of opposing information to absorb. To make a decision as to her true condition is very difficult for those of us who aren't doctors and aren't there. We will never know for sure if Terri ever actually said she wouldn't want to live in her present condition. Only Michael Schiavo (her "husband") knows that.

But there are few things of which I'm sure, provable, irrefutable facts: Michael Schiavo is living with another woman. He has children with that woman. He has refused all requests from Terri's parents and family to relinquish guardian rights and let them care for Terri. Michael Schiavo wants Terri dead. He may have reasons, and those reasons may or may not be debatable. But make no mistake, Michael Schiavo wants his "wife" dead.

I do know that assigning guardian rights to a man that has abandoned his wife is wrong. Condemning an innocent woman to a "dignified death" that we wouldn't wish on nameless, faceless African children is wrong. Condemning a woman to the inhumane death that we don't allow for our pets is wrong. And sentencing a woman to a slow death (or was it the best death?), one that we don't afford to mass killers here in this country is dead wrong.

Events are happening very quickly and there looks like there may be some breaking news this afternoon. The Vatican weighs in here, read it all. Terri has just begun her fourth day without food or water, so time is of the essence.
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