Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Outsourcing Torture?

Last night there were a few reports on TV about the CIA's "rendition" policy. ABC linked a transcript here, and MSNBC covered it here. I'm not sure yet about other network coverage, but it looks pretty clear, despite the Agency's lack of official comments, that CIA planes are taking terror suspects from here in the United States to other countries that use or endorse torture as a means of extracting information from said terror suspects. These chartered flights also fly terror suspects from one foreign country, like Pakistan, to others like Egypt, as was done in the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

The Washington Post had a good piece on this policy back on December 26th, probably missed by many due to the Christmas holiday and tsunami coverage (it's linked here). Naturally, the bleeding heart wing of our culture has a problem with our rendition policy. They probably have conveniently forgotten that President Clinton actually began the policy, according to the WaPo piece:
The CIA has the authority to carry out renditions under a presidential
directive dating to the Clinton administration, which the Bush administration
has reviewed and renewed. The CIA declined to comment for this article.

Personally, I don't have a problem with what's been reported thus far (most of what I have linked seems pretty sterile, quite frankly). There are lots of reports of one private plane in particular taking off and landing in airports all around the world. Big deal. And a few reports of men claiming they were tortured, which in all honesty, warrants further investigation.

I contend that a certain segment of our citizenry (not just Senate and House Democrats) will object to whatever the Bush administration does. Similarly, they object to the use of force, the use of the intelligence community, and the use of the military to defend ourselves. They made way too much out of the Abu Ghraib "scandal" and will object to any method of interrogation, period. I see this as one more desperate MSM attempt to stir up the general public over a non-issue.

UPDATE: CBS and Fox News have also covered this issue in the past two days.

Maybe the one good thing that has come out of these investigations by the media is to show the CIA they need to cover their tracks a little better.
It just disgusts me that the focus is on the "inhumane" methods used on terrorists (for some reason they are looked at as "human")rather than the information that was/is extracted for the greater good.
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