Friday, March 18, 2005

Programming Note

I expect to make a few M3C schedule changes over the next few months. As many of you know, the other hobbies du jour are hiking and alpine climbing. The blog takes up a lot of time, as do those other hobbies. The problem is that no one has discovered a 25th hour in the day or an 8th day in the week. So my plan is to scale back blogging for awhile and make it strictly a Monday-Friday affair. Weekend traffic is roughly 1/3 (sometimes less) what I receive during the week, so this change shouldn't upset too many people.

I need to make this adjustment so that I can use the weekends to get into better physical shape for big climbs like Mt. Rainier. This means more hours in the gym, more running, and carrying a heavy pack on the trail. Trail work needs to be done at altitude, which means driving to the local mountains or High Sierra. So blogging quality will remain as good as you've come to expect (boy have I set myself up with that statement), with slightly less quantity. In addition to these changes, I also hope to improve the rather bland look of M3C, by adding spectacular pictures of the mountains.
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