Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Reader Poll

I'm curious if any M3C readers actually read the links I provide in my daily posts. I like to provide them as factual support for my opinions and also as topic starters (i.e. I saw this article and this is what I think.....). So I ask a favor, I'm looking for e-mail responses to the following questions:

1) Are the links useful?

2) In general are there too many links, not enough, or just right?

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated, it shouldn't take any longer than 60 seconds to dash off a quick e-mail. Please send responses to with "Reader Poll" in the subject line. And feel free to add other suggestions on ways to improve the blog (several readers have already suggested topics they would like to see blogged). No guarantees that I will take your advice (in fact, all CPAs will be summarily ignored), but I do read them all. Last, I will probably move this post to the top of the blog each of the next few days, so it stays "front and center." Scroll down to see new posts and thanks again!
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