Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Update

My optimism and hope for a happy ending to Terri's plight is fading fast. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to hear the motion that would reinsert her feeding tube (though Judge Charles Wilson's strongly worded dissent made a lot of sense, in my view). She's now entering her 6th day off food and water. Terri's family is now hoping for unlikely help from the U.S. Supreme Court, or possibly some last minute miracle from the Florida legislature.

As an observer, I am truly inspired by Terri's family, the Schindlers. Though desperate, they have handled this heart-wrenching tragedy with strength and grace. They seem like good people, honest and loving, and it's always sad to see good people suffering.

One idea I had last night was to ship food and water to Terri's estranged husband Michael. From now until the end of his life, I hope he's deluged with shipments for which he has no use, as a haunting reminder. Lots of food and water. The more I hear about that guy, the more this whole story stinks. Michael Schiavo is a very wicked man, and I'm afraid such gestures would not produce the shame that he is clearly incapable of feeling. I will have more to say on this piece of garbage in the future. How any courts can grant him guardian rights, then repeatedly rule in his favor as he simultaneously lives with his new family yet refuses to grant a divorce to Terri is beyond me. He must have a very good lawyer.

This is a very sad day.
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