Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Three More Terri Schiavo Links

I tripped across several good links today, the first two are both pretty lengthy. Both are well worth the time, in my view. The first link is a Terri Schiavo FAQ (hat tip: Instapundit).

The second link was sent by one of M3C's biggest fans, Toby Espinoza. Thank you Toby! It is a Terri Schiavo "timeline," found here. I learned some new information at each site, so give them a whirl.

Folks, I am more convinced of the terrible act committed on Terri Schiavo each day that she clings to life. She wouldn't have hung on for two weeks if her condition before the feeding tube was removed was so fragile. I dare say anyone reading this blog couldn't have hung on any longer without food or water.

Ben Stein also weighed in this morning (hat tip: Real Clear Politics). It's short so read it all.
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