Friday, April 15, 2005

Another Call to Action

Here's a great piece by Wendy Long (via: Real Clear Politics) that busts all of the liberal talking points (or myths) on judicial filibusters. The Republicans need to prove they have a backbone, and now. In an unrelated Wash. Times piece from Wednesday (I meant to link it Wednesday, but forgot to as I worked on the Frosted Flake), Tony Blankley also urges Republicans to be tough, found here, also via RCP). Both articles are must-reads.

Hugh Hewitt has dedicated the entire week, both on his blog and his radio show, to covering the issue of judicial filibusters. Last night he suggested (here) contacting Republican Senators that may be wobbly on the issue. I consider this issue more important than the Terri Schiavo matter (and tangentially related, by the way). I urged action then, and I do so again today. H2's quote:
The seven Republican senators thought to be on the fence about ending the filibuster: Alexander, Chafee, Collins, Hagel, Snowe, Sununu and Warner. Here's the contact info.

Calls to the Congressional switchboard, 202-225-3121, can also link you to Senator Frist's office where you can politely urge that a vote on ending the abuse of the filibuster be scheduled, announced, and defended.
Polite firmness and civility is key. We want results. We do not want to stoop to childish tactics like throwing pies and tantrums comparing wafflers to fascist dictators. I have some more thoughts on the politics of this, which I'll save for later. Now is the time for people to make a few phone calls and/or send out some e-mails. Hopefully some of you will take me up on this challenge.

If it turns out that some of the Senate's Republican wafflers vote with the Democrats, then later we can discuss punishing them (via the ballot box). As Mr. Hewitt says, there is no point in having a Republican majority if they aren't going to push the Republican agenda (an agenda they promised and were elected to advocate, by the way).

To close, I want to make it clear that I try to be very cautious in picking and choosing causes to get behind. I don't ask anyone to do anything I'm not willing to do myself. And I don't want to waste anyone's time by asking readers to take action on frivolous causes. In other words, it is my fervent belief that this is one of those rare and important issues where we as citizens need to do that which is right. I hope you will agree and thanks to all for their help.
i'm with you on this one. i really hope the republicans can stop the filibusters. then there are no excuses. if they pass this, and then don't carry through on their pre-election promises i hope you will have sense enough to be upset by that. i'm sure you'll just link to someone else's paper telling us all why they really didn't lie, and how it's the democrats fault...or the french.
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