Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back on the Blog

I feared there would be light blogging this week, but nothing since Sunday is just ridiculous. Sorry folks. Blogging from a 200 year old building (my hotel the last 3 nights) is not impossible, but highly impractical. Jet lag, meetings and travel have been brutal. I'm hoping for some inspiration tomorrow, maybe even with pictures, so stay tuned....

Today was a terrible travel day, with weather delays, mind-numbing TSA stupidity, and abject rudeness from my fellow travelers. I normally avoid Boston's Logan Airport if at all possible, and today's experience provides me with no desire to go back. Long story short: As I was in the security line, 5 people decided they were too important to wait like the rest of us, so they cut the line. Minor annoyance, so I focused my chi and resumed the requisite "X-ray crawl." I approached the line's end, and was instructed to put a cup of coffee (Starbucks, paper cup) in the x-ray machine. Then I was told to take off my sneakers, which ticked me off a little since not all airports require this, and TSA is supposed to be consistent on their procedures. More chi. More focus.

So the cup went into the scanner and a puddle of steamy java came out. Then two other TSA guys started yelling at me before I pointed them to one of their own colleagues. He tried to blame me at first, then after I stood up for myself (and the truth), he admitted that he had told me to put the coffee on the conveyer belt. The other TSA chowderheads then started (rightfully) yelling at him, because that line had to be shut down for conveyer belt cleaning and they were all worried that coffee might get into the x-ray equipment. It was a big mess. There were probably between 100-200 people who were in line behind me, now stranded. So I go to my beloved Red Carpet Club, hoping to get online with their wireless HotSpot, only to find that at that location, the airport's pay-as-you-go network is the only one available. Ugh, only at Logan! I didn't feel like spending another $8, another minor annoyance. Not a fun day.

Tonight I arrived to my hotel just in time for this week's surprising American Idol results. Somehow, some way, Scott and Anthony both avoided the axe once again. I'm considering a reassignment of the "Undead Radioactive Singing Cockroach" moniker to one of those two clowns. Constantine, in a shocker, went down like a chump. Though I was never a big fan of his, Constantine's performance last night was truly wretched. I believe that Scott and Anthony both have less talent, but oh well, the tribe has spoken. With five to go, my prediction for the final will be Carrie and Vonzell, in that order. Bo finishes third. Take it to the bank.
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