Friday, April 29, 2005

Celebrity Sightings, Travel Edition

I need to mention that not all my travels this week were terrible. I had a celebrity sighting at Las Vegas's McCarren Airport on Sunday: the gentleman subject of this blog piece at PowerLine. I have to agree with Scott Johnson, he's one of my favorite Democrats too. My growing list of famous people who I have either met, shared a flight with, or seen in airports the past few years include (not in any particular order):

Muhammed Ali - ORD
LaVar Arrington - IAD
Gray Davis - IAD
Jim Boeheim - CLE
Quiet Riot - DFW
Doc Severinsen - LAX
US Men's National Rugby Team - CDG
New Zealand All Blacks - LAX
Tim Hardaway - MIA
Keri Russell - DFW
Zell Miller - LAS
Pat Buchanan - ORD
Bill MacDonald - LAS
Paul Prudomme - MSY
Eric La Salle - LAX
Nikki Sixx - LAX

This eclectic list is sure to grow, as there's a lot of business travel left on this year's calendar (and I may also remember some that I haven't yet listed)....
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