Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gravy Train Update

Found this today at National Review Online (hat tip: Wizbang!). I'm really liking the Wizbangers lately, look for a lot more from them in the future.

Why the Democrats have chosen to make a stink about who Tom DeLay has on the payroll is beyond me. Clearly, many members of both parties employ their family members, and it isn't (as far as I can tell) against the rules. Did the Democrats just assume that no one was going to check out what they are up to? Have they heard of that thing called the blogosphere? This seems like such a non-issue to me, I must be missing something.
so you only care who's on the payroll if it's the UN? i thought it was an issue of integrity, not a non-issue.
Dude, what on earth are you talking about? Are you confusing My Three Cents with someone else's blog? I have only mentioned the United Nations four times in exactly four months of blogging (usually casually mentioned, or in passing). I do it so infrequently I had to do a keyword search on my own blog because I couldn't remember even bringing up the issue. I have never focused on the U.N., and haven't even mentioned them since Feb. 16th, over two months ago! But you've made me think, so look for a new thread on the U.N. soon....
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