Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam

So it was just announced that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany has been elected Pope and he has selected Benedict XVI as his name. As the frontrunner going into the conclave, and one of the oldest cardinals, I fully expected him not to be elected (as I usually discount anything the MSM says). I was wrong. But I'm hopeful that, as one of the closest, most trusted cardinals to John Paul II, Benedict XVI will continue much of John Paul II's good leadership and work. I suspect that he was quite instrumental in carrying out JPII's wishes the past few years as JPII's health deteriorated. So a continuation of the past 26 years would be a good thing, in my view. And perhaps the cardinals saw the love that 4 million pilgrims brought to Rome during John Paul II's funeral and also concluded that (especially with such a fast conclave) a continuation of John Paul II's papacy is good, and necessary.
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