Tuesday, April 12, 2005


This is not my idea of a joke. Drum roll please............it's time to welcome Patrick Ruffini into your web lives. I'm a little overdue (okay, waaaaaaaay overdue) in changing out the (almost) "Blog of the Week" feature. So everyone go check out Patrick's blog. He's an excellent writer and has done a lot of work for the GOP and last year's Bush/Cheney campaign. Patrick usually has some inside info. that interests me, so hopefully a few of you will enjoy his scoops as well. And his blog looks damn nice to boot!

Sorry for the light blogging today, folks. I could leave you with all the usual excuses but who cares about that stuff anyway? I would, however, like to throw out a special "shout out" to Enzo's dad. Hope to see you this weekend!
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