Sunday, April 24, 2005


I'm in Las Vegas this afternoon, getting ready to head east again (on a red-eye, ugh) for another business trip. In honor of an excellent weekend here in the 'City of Sin,' I've elevated Vodka Pundit to the vaunted M3C Blog of the Week position. Here's a great example of why I make Vodka Pundit a regular read. Another major scandal involving two uber-heavyweights of the Democratic Party and no one in the MSM finds that an important news story? Heh.

I continue to marvel at the outright disregard for honesty that the MSM demonstrates. It's so transparent and I have to admit chuckling every time I hear a bright-eyed journalism major proudly exclaim their reasons for going into the profession: "To change the world" or "To make a difference."

Just. Report. The. Damn. News. Please. That's what a real journalist does.

I expect very light blogging this week (as if the past few days were just the opposite). Keep checking back, I've got my camera with me so I hope to get some good pictures of springtime in New England. I remembered to bring the USB cable too (finally!).
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